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I am not a huge golf fan. I mean, I check in now and then to see how everyone is doing, and I usually know who has won the recent majors, but I am by no means a big time golf nut. But, when I heard about this story, I had to know more.

Video of the shot after the jump

At the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Florida this weekend, Sergio Garcia shanked a wild tee-shot into the trees on the 10th hole. When he located his ball, Garcia realized that it was up about 15 feet into a tree.

“First I climbed to identify the ball and I saw I could hit it one handed,” Garcia said in a statement on his website. “Luckily it went OK.”

Hilarious, I know this is the first time I have seen this. Garcia climbed into the tree, took a couple of minutes to line up his shot, and then struck the ball one handed, and it landed right in the middle of the fairway. Good stuff. Garcia did end up taking a double-bogey on the hole, but it surely could have been much worse. He did later withdraw from the tournament with a shoulder injury, it is believed that the injury was caused by the shot in the tree. Check it out for yourself.

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