The Heat crushed the Bucks in tonight’s playoff game 110-87.  LeBron James had a monster game, going 9-11 from the field en route to a dominating 27 point performance.  The Bucks hung around for a bit, but when it was time to put the game away, the Heat did so with ease.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard Macklemore’s hit song Thrift Shop.  Macklemore raps about “popping tags” at a thrift shop, and it looks like LeBron James has taken Macklemore’s lyrics to heart.  Check out the sweater LBJ was rocking at the post-game press conference:

LeBron James Red Sweater


I’m pretty sure my grandfather donated that red sweater to the Salvation Army a few years ago.  Seriously.  That thing looks like something you’d wear to an ugly sweater party. C’mon LeBron, step your fashion game up.  You’re better than that.


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  • NASCAR Krissy

    Are we sure they weren’t going to a Christmas in April party afterwards?

    • rick hertzon

      with his money he can wear what he wants.His watch probably costs more than your house.

      • NASCAR Krissy

        Probably right. I prefer to spend my money on things I need, not crappy sweaters.

        • Hook

          I wish it was possible to “like” posts on WordPress.

  • Stephanie

    I think you would have to have some class, and able to think outside of the box in order to appreciate the sweater he had on tonight. You probably cannot even afford one, and believe me, he don’t have to shop at a Thrift Shop…

    • Hook

      thanks for checking out TSB Stephanie, but you need to relax. obviously LBJ can afford anything he wants, that sweater is just hideous, regardless of the cost.

      as for me not being able to afford one, I’ll have you know that I do quite well for myself. If you ever want to compare your welfare check to my pay stub side by side, I’d be more than happy to oblige.

  • Blade

    I can’t agree with your whackness. That sweater was swaggin

  • Jacob

    It’s okay, because his new ring is going to make to sweater look a lot better 😉

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