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Earlier this week I was set to write this epic post where I was going to breakdown the age-old question of who is better, David Wright or Jose Reyes?….And then last night happened. If you haven’t heard Jose Reyes suffered a nasty leg injury while sliding (sort of) into second base during a game between the Blue Jays and the Kansas City Royals. (Video after the jump)

On Twitter, the reaction ranged from “OMG Jose no!” to “Ha ha ha Jose Reyes hurt again, what a shock.”  While I am not a Jose Reyes fan, I do feel really bad for the guy after watching the video of him getting hurt. You never want to see a pro athlete who you’ve watched for the better part of a decade crying in pain on the field.  This was not a typical leg injury that plagued much of Jose’s Mets career.  This was a freak ligament tear that could have happened to anybody.  I wish him a speedy recovery….with that said here’s why I think he sucks….that’s a joke but Jose Reyes has become the focal point of almost every argument between Mets fans since before the 2011 season started.  Quite frankly it’s gotten ridiculously ugly, because what started as a Jose Reyes/David Wright thing and has mutated into a Hispanic/White thing.   Fight no more Mets fans because it’s time to move on with your lives.


Double Yuck

Jose Reyes’ Mets Career

2003- Comes up to the majors during a lost season and is just flat-out awesome,  but then he slides into second base too hard, gets hurt and misses the rest of the year.

2004- Gets moved to 2B to make room for the immortal Kaz Matsui, is forced to run differently so he doesn’t re-injure himself and then gets injured anyway and misses the rest of the season.

2005- Back at SS he stays healthy for the year, hits lots of triples, steal lots of bases, but hits a modest .273 with an awful .300 OBP (STATS!!)

2006- Has a freakishly good season, hits a surprising amount of home runs (Roids? JK…maybe). Doesn’t hit in the division series, hits decently in the NLCS though.

2007- Gets off to another great start but then in the 2nd half does nothing except rack up stolen bases (A Mets single season record of 78), his average plummets though and during the Mets epic collapse of September he hits a hilarious .205 with a .279 OBP.

2008 – Has a very good season, manages to amass 204 hits yet fails to hit .300 for the year. Still very solid though. While the Mets once again collapse and miss the playoffs Reyes contributes a stellar .243 BA in September with .314 OBP…improvement!

2009- Gets off to a mediocre start, injures his hamstring which becomes the soap opera to end all soap operas and misses most of the season.

2010- Has a thyroid issue to start the year (The hell?) Sucked for a month in a half, was great for the next month in a half and then becomes a trend setter by succumbing to several different oblique injuries that ruined his season and the teams season.  Finishes with a modest .282 BA and a mediocre .321 OBP.

2011 – (His contract season) All of a sudden he’s the greatest player ever, had about 112 multi hit games, hits .337  (which by the way, is 45 points higher than his career average) and wins the batting title. Oh and he was on the DL twice with leg injuries.

Then of course he signs with the Marlins without even giving the Mets a chance to counter offer.  It’s not like they were going to match that offer anyway but still.  He procedes to the join the Marlins dream team where he had a good but non-special season (.287 BA, 11 HR’s 57 RBI’s 40 SB’s).  Certainly not hall of fame stats there.  After the debacle that was the 2012 Marlins,  he was then traded to the new dream team.  The 2013 Toronto Blue Jays.  But guess what?  So far they look like the Miami Blue Jays of Toronto.

Blame the Wilpons, blame Sandy, blame David Wright, blame whoever you want.   But the fact is that Jose Reyes was never planning on staying in New York…unless they were breaking the bank for him and they weren’t.  He could have been traded during the 2011 season but between not being out of the playoff race yet, a hamstring injury, and a bunch of nuts protesting  with a “Don’t Trade Reyes” night, Sandy Alderson decided that in his first year as GM, it wasn’t in his best interest to trade one of the most beloved players in team history.  After the season is when it got ugly.   It wasn’t just that Reyes left the Mets, it’s that he literally jumped at the first offer that came his way.  An independent league team could have offered him 8 years at $120 million and I bet he would have went there.   He wanted to get paid and I don’t blame him, he wasn’t going to get what he wanted from the Mets. What bothers me is that he then went and played the victim.  Claiming he didn’t feel the love from the Mets.  Bad move, just take your money and get out-of-town dude.  A box of chocolates later and Jose Reyes was either the most loved or most hated former Met, depending on who you spoke to.

So, this is the guy Mets fans have been fighting over for years now, a guy who when you break down his Mets career had a combined four very good seasons with the team (2006, 2008, 2011, 1st half of 2007, 2003 until he got hurt). Sure he’s fast, sure he can be exciting, sure he smiles and dances but seriously, he is not worth the amount of fighting that has taken place over the last few years.

When you read this post you might think I am anti-Jose Reyes, I am not.  I am just pro-Mets.  And newsflash…Jose is not on the Mets anymore and never will be again.

There is also another misconception.  Talking ill about Reyes doesn’t automatically mean you’re pro-David Wright, I don’t like him either. But Wright is on my team so I am forced to root for him.  With Reyes out for the next 1-3 months maybe Mets fans can finally start to forget about him and focus on their own team.   Which despite what you may think, is actually headed in the right direction.   So my plea to Mets fans is LET IT FUCKING GO ALREADY!   Thank you.


Forget Jose, I am the man now!

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-Joe Pontillo


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