The Knicks/Celtics game last night never really felt like a game. Once again, the Celtics struggled to score the basketball while the Knicks rained 3-pointers. The highlight of the night though was in the fourth quarter when J.R. Smith threw a vicious elbow at Jason Terry.

Smith had the ball in the corner, Terry swiped at it, Smith didn’t like that, and retaliated with a UFC quality elbow right to the chin. Smith ended up receiving a flagrant two foul and was ejected from the game

Speaking of the UFC, Jon “Bones” Jones has some of the nastiest elbows in the sport, and he happens to be fighting tonight against Chael Sonnen…any chance Jones taught Smith that elbow?

(Video after the jump)

So as you can see, it was pretty clear that that elbow was intentional. Terry popped right up and went at Smith hard, but Doc Rivers held him back. Terry should buy Rivers lunch today or something, because if Doc hadn’t stopped him and a fight broke out, J.R. would have killed him.

J.R. Smith is a straight thug. He definitely knows how to scrap. My money is definitely on Smith in that fight.


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