Nuggets’ center JaVale McGee certainly isn’t one of the NBA’s most talented players, but he is without a doubt one if the league’s most athletic (and the dumbest, but that’s for another day). McGee put on an athletic display during Game 1 of the Nuggets/Warriors series. McGee caught a half court alley-oop from Andre Miller, grabbed a Carl Landry shot out of midair with one hand, and but Andrew Bogut on a poster. All in one game. If this guy can ever learn how to play in the post, he’ll be a nightmare for opposing bigs. Until then, we just get to enjoy JaVale being JaVale, and that usually ends up being pretty entertaining.

(All three videos after the jump)

Here’s the half court alley-oop. Props to Miller for the perfect pass, but McGee makes this look effortless.

I’ve seen some big blocks in my life, but I’ve never seen anything like this. JaVale literally grabs the ball out of midair with one hand. The refs called this goal tending. They were wrong. The refs just haven’t ever seen a play like this before. It was a clean block.

We’ve seen some great dunks this year, and while this one isn’t as good as LeBron’s on Jason Terry or DeAndre Jordan’s on Brandon Knight, it is still pretty sick.

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