MLB pitcher, Kris Benson’s enstranged wife has gone off the deep end. Anna Benson, the former stripper turned reality TV star, was arrested on Sunday afternoon. For what you might ask? It appears has though she broke into her husband’s house wearing a bullet-proof vest, carrying a handgun along with an ammunition belt, knife, taser, and hatchet.

Crazy huh?!?!?!?

Anna Benson was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and battery with a gun, possession of a firearm in a felony and criminal trespassing.

According to 911 calls released on Thursday, Kris Benson was hiding IN THE BASEMENT!!!

“I got my hand on the back door in case I hear her come down the stairs,” he said.

Investigators have said she was demanding money from the former MLB star.

A few years back, Anna Benson had threatened on the Howard Stern radio show to have sex with every one of her husband’s teammates if she ever caught him cheating. Her spokesman would later say this was a joke and the couple later reconciled.

The couple is currently going through a divorce and have three children. A judge has now given FULL custody to Kris Benson, yanked Anna’a visitation rights, and have issued a restraining order.

Something definitely snapped with Anna!

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