There’s something you may not know about me Khloe… I smoke rocks


It’s been well documented that he loves candy, but I don’t think anyone realized he was talking about that kind of candy.  TMZ reports that NBA player of Keeping Up With The Kardashians fame, Lamar Odom, allegedly has a crack-cocaine problem.  

Reportedly this issue has been ongoing for 2 years, as Odom has been in and out of rehab.  They say his crack use at times has been “extreme” (whatever that means), yet Odom has managed to stay clean during the NBA season only to fall off the wagon at season’s end.

They say Odom went missing for 72 hours straight.  I wonder if anyone thought to check Tyrone Biggums $450,000 crack party:


Seriously though, it’s very sad that Odom may have joined a long list of professional athletes to battle crack addictions.  Lawrence Taylor once pummeled two would-be muggers, only to steal their crack and get high.  Tim “Rock” Raines allegedly spent an estimated $40,000 a year on cocaine.  They say he kept his crack in his back pocket while playing in the Major Leagues, and would only slide head-first to prevent ruining his dope.  Josh Hamilton, Doc Gooden, Daryl Strawberry… the list goes on.

Hopefully for Lamar and Khloe’s sake, the allegations are false and he does not have a drug addiction.  Drugs can ruin lives, and as far as I know, crack-cocaine is especially devastating.

As LT famously said in Adam Sandler’s The Water Boy, “don’t smoke crack.”

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