Arod gets hit

The Boston Red Sox Ryan Dempster did what almost every one wants to do to the New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez. In the top of the second inning  he drilled him with a fastball because A-Rod is you know, a huge douchebag.  This caused all sorts of fireworks during tonight’s Yankees/Redsox game.  Dempster missed with the first fastball, which went behind A-Rod.  The next two pitches also missed inside.  But his fourth pitch drilled him.

After both benches were warned, Yankees manager Joe Girardi came out to argue and got ejected.

But what happened in the 6th inning might be even more shocking.  A-Rod blasted a homer to center off of Dempster, and while rounding the bases he yelled at him and cursed him out.  Clear as day.

Check out the GIF’s of tonight’s shenanigans.  H/T to @Triples_Alley and @MetsKevin11.

Dempster Hits AROD

Joe Girardi punch

AROD homer off Dempster

Arod Fuck Yea

“Fuck Yea! That’s What I’m Fuckin’ Talking About!”

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