The Cleveland Browns offense is epically bad right now.

Prior to their starting quarterback getting hurt and idiotically trading their star running back, the Browns offense sucked. Cleveland only managed to score 16 points in their first two games.

Now, Brandon Weeden is injured, which means journeyman Brian Hoyer will get the start for the Browns in Week 3. Since being drafted in 2009, Hoyer has played in 15 games, thrown 2 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, and has a QB Rating of 72.2. Not very impressive.

The Browns have 112 rushing yards through the first two weeks of the season, and Trent Richardson was responsible for 105 of them. The other 7 rushing yards belong to QB Brandon Weeden. Richardson was the only running back on Cleveland’s roster that has a carry this season.

With Richardson gone, second year RB Bobby Rainey and veteran Willis McGahee will take over the ball carrying duties. Rainey doesn’t have a regular season carry under his belt, and who knows what McGahee has left in his tank.

So right now, the Browns have a backup quarterback starting, a washed up veteran and an unproven young player at running back, a receiving corp made up of mostly no name players, and an offensive line that has given up 11 sacks in two games.

It almost seems like a joke.

Trent Richardson should be thankful to be out of Cleveland.

Trent Richardson should be thankful to be out of Cleveland.

You always hear about teams tanking to get a better draft pick, but we’ve never seen an NFL make it so obvious so early in the season. How can new head coach Rob Chudzinski walk into that locker room now and talk to his team about trying to go win games?

They just traded their best offensive player for a 1st round pick, when last year, they traded 4 picks to draft him!

Who knows what’s going on in Cleveland’s front office.

What we do know is that the Browns play the Vikings this weekend, and it could get ugly. The Vikings defense isn’t anything special, but don’t be surprised to see them hold the Browns to single digit points and less than 300 total yards.

The Browns offense was pitiful throughout the first two weeks of the season, and is going to be epically bad for the remaining 14 weeks.

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