JR SMith

The New York Knicks J.R. Smith is only trailing Lamar Odom in the race for the NBA’s worst off-season.  Today is 9/11 and many athletes are posting things to show their respect.  But, this guy is such a knucklehead it’s not even funny.  The dude is obsessed with his Instagram account like so many other athletes.  But when idiots like him try to actually say something nice, this is what happens..

Check it out after the jump.

JR Smith 911

“Celebrate the deaths of the people in 9/11!”

What. The. Hell? J.R., have you snorted away every last brain cell? The only thing worse than your shot selection, is your choice of words. People like you are the reason why I hate the NBA.


  • Peter green

    This to yardbarker, the reason why you hate the NBA is not because if JR Smith’s poor choice of words to describe 9/11.it’s because you’re a straight -up racist. Why don’t you be honest with yourself . It’s obvious to anyone reading your rant. Basketball is the most athletic and most skillfully of the team sports. In U S and your angry they’re not enough white superstars. To attribute his lack thought in expressing himself to snorting cocaine, is very revealing.However I know what country I live in and know the prevailing sentiment of certain group a people.

    • Earl

      Who are you commenting to? If it’s to me, who posted this article, I’m sorry for your ignorance. If it’s a problem you have with Yardbarker, take it up with them.

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