Tiger Woods Cheating BMW Championship

Today during the second round of the BMW Championship, Tiger Woods was assessed a two stroke penalty after the round due to his ball moving when removing loose impediments. Woods did not assess himself the two stroke penalty at the time that it occurred.

Woods believed that after his round, he had shot a 1-under par 70. That was not the case after a freelance videographer at the event, had alerted the PGA Tour.  He actually shot a 1-OVER par 72.

Check out the video evidence after the jump.





According to PGA Tour rules official Slugger White, “He thought it just oscillated and that’s why he didn’t do anything else. We showed him the video. The video did in fact show the ball moved.” According to multiple reports, Tiger was VERY angry in after the ruling was made.

I guess I’d be pissed off too if I tried to cheat and didn’t get away with it…


  • Merriman

    You guys are pathetic. You hate winners so bad because you are losers. Golf is suppose to be a game of integrity. What happened to Tiger Woods was not fair. It in fact was unfair. One of the main phrases in golf is “The Fair Way”. When it comes to Tiger Woods you guys don’t know “The Fair Way”. It is just like during the civil rights movement, racism hides behind the so-called law. I saw the video. The only time a rules should be enforced is when it give the player an unfair advantage. which it was obvious that this was not the case with Woods ball. A thirty-secondth of an inch movement is nothing… But because you hate Tiger Woods so much you scream out “foul… a rule is a rule”. Why don’t you try video taping every player on the course like you do Woods and see what wide array of scrutiny you come up with. …and all of this because you are afraid he will break the majors record of “our great champion” Jack Nicholas. Your integrity is what you should really be evaluating… not Tiger’s. You guys make me shamed sometimes to call myself a conservative and a golfer.

  • Earl

    Who is Jack Nicholas?

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