Peyton Manning 1Ron Burgundy is counting down to his guest hosting for ESPN SportsCenter on Thursday, December 5th, and has decided to share with the world a little tease into his appearance.

This is simply a slice of awesome.

Denver Broncos QB, Peyton Manning, is grilled for being a great quarterback despite his lack of a mustache.

Enjoy the video after the jumpCourtesy of ESPN:

Will Ferrell has been living in full character for about a month now. Is it time to put the kibosh on it or are you enjoying it?



  • tom loyd

    Who is Ron Burgundy and what does he do? Now if you want to know someone ask about Brit T knee or Len
    lo hand. These two will snap your Jock Strap while Whistling Dixie.

    • NASCAR Krissy

      I don’t know if you’re joking about the Ron Burgundy question, but he is Will Ferrel’s character from Anchorman. One of the best comedy movies, EVER!

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