Philadelphia 76ers 2013-2014 season has been a struggle. The 76ers only managed to win 19 games, which was the 2nd worst record in all of the NBA. In addition to that, their 63 loss season consisted of a 26 game losing streak. With all the struggles the 76ers had on the court, it came as a surprise to many that 76ers owner Joshua Harris came out and said “I think the season has been a huge success for us.”

If you look at the season based on the 76ers win-loss record, its easy to say that the 76ers season was a failure. When Harris said the season was a success, I believe that he was going far beyond what the 76ers record said.


Look at it this way. Before the season the 76ers had nothing. They couldn’t find a head coach, their top draft pick was out the whole season and their was nothing to build on. After this season, the 76er now have much more stability and are in a position to build. Their top draft pick Nerlens Noel has had a full year to recover from his torn ACL. He was once coveted as the best young talent entering last year’s draft until he tore his ACL. In addition to Noel, Michael Carter-Williams has established himself as a top young talent in the NBA.

Depending on how the draft lottery falls, the 76ers could be looking at 2 high lottery pick in addition to Noel and Carter-Williams. So before everyone gets on the “what is Harris talking about” bandwagon, take a step back. The 76ers have a coach that kept the 2nd worst team in the NBA from having a total mental breakdown. They have two young players with all-star potential and they have two lottery picks in a very talented draft.


Give the 76ers young talent a few years to develop under Brett Brown’s system and add in a few veterans too help a young 76ers team; I see success. The 76ers may not do big things next year, but in the next few years they will get better and they’ll return to their former glory they had back in their 1983 championship season.

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