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Carl’s still alive. Unfortunately.

This post might be morbid as fuck, but I’m writing it anyway.  It’s generally not polite to cheer for people to die, but in AMC’s The Walking Dead, some characters deserve to get got.  Carl’s one of them, and we had a close call, but unfortunately the little scamp is still alive and kicking.  These are the top 5 most satisfying The Walking Dead deaths, in chronological order.

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Some people are getting sick of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  My wife says it’s the same shit every episode, and even though she’s probably right, I still enjoy it.  With Season 6 wrapping up this past Sunday (and leaving us with a cliff-hanger until October), we’ve got Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 starting up on Sunday, April 10.  If you’re unfamiliar with FTWD, the series is a prequel to TWD in that it starts off at the beginning of the zombie epidemic, and doesn’t seem to include anyone from the original series.  Although there’s no Rick Grimes, and the most bad-ass cast member seems to be an old Hispanic barber,  FTWD is a decent show in its own right.

AMC will be airing all 6 episodes of Season 1 on Sunday starting at 2PM ET, but for those who aren’t able to sit on their ass in front of the TV for 7 hours straight, you can refresh your memory/find out everything you need to know about FTWD in under 3 and a half minutes here: Read the rest of this entry »


For the next few weeks, basketball fans will be forced to tune into truTV to catch the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament games not being aired on CBS, TNT, or TBS.  Basketball fans are cracking jokes about the network on Twitter, and truTV doesn’t appreciate it.  They even replied to one of my tweets:

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The whole cast is back plus 15 more people.

The whole cast is back plus 15 more people.


So I lost a bet and was forced to watch the entire season of “Fuller House” on Netflix.  OK, that isn’t accurate. This was a show/series that needed to be watched out of morbid curiosity and when I say morbid I mean MORBID.  If you can handle watching a show like “Melissa And Joey” and like to do acid then this is the show for you.

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All photos in this recap are from

All photos in this recap are from

The Walking Dead is fucking back.  I’d have to check back to the episode with the big battle against the Governor and/or the episode where they had to leave Herschel’s farm, but I’m pretty sure more people and zombies die in this episode than ever.  Explosions, biters biting, zombie slaughtering, this episode had it all.  If you consider those spoilers, don’t read the rest of this post as it will include more specifics.  But if you’re interested (and you should be), read on. (LAST WARNING. THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS) Read the rest of this entry »


“Hey Ricky, costume design fucked up. You think anyone will catch it?”

NOTE: This may contain spoilers if you have yet to watch the season finale of Ballers

I have mixed reviews about HBO’s latest Sunday night series “Ballers”.  I’ve watched every episode and have thoroughly enjoyed myself while doing so, but it’s not exactly ground-breaking TV programming.  Dwayne Johnson’s lines come out as if he’s doing his Barack Obama impression, but overall he does a good job as a former NFL player turned financial manager.  The story lines are decent, but no one has blown their fingers off or shot themselves yet, making the NFL depicted in Ballers a little unrealistic.  It’s pretty much Entourage meets Hard Knocks, two other shows I like, so if you like those also you might as well tune if in you haven’t already.

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Guys! Game of Thrones is back! I was seriously going through some major withdrawal but thankfully, HBO was like “Nah, we got you” so now I’m fine. Is it time for a recap of the season premiere? Yep.  Read the rest of this entry »

Why you hate me?

Why you hate me?


Bartolo Colon (Who probably won’t be on the Mets come August) will be your Opening Day starter for 2015.  Guess what? I don’t give a crap and neither should you. Opening Day is meaningless and you need to stop raging about it.  Read a book, hug your wife/kids.  This is not worth it.

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Dancing-With-The-StarsA singing legend, the first openly gay football player, and an Iraqi war veteran.

This odd combination of players means one thing ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” is back.

The show which will start its 20th season, announced the cast on Tuesday morning during Good Morning America. The hosts, Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews, revealed the cast on Good Morning American during Tuesday morning’s show.

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