From free VC to random in-game items, Locker Codes are an essential part of the NBA2K video game franchise.  I’ll be updating this article every time a verified Locker Code for NBA2K15 comes out for next gen consoles (sorry 360/PS3 users, step your game up).  Some of these Locker Codes are limited/have expiration dates, though, so don’t flip out on me if they no longer work (I’ll do my best to identify the limited/expired codes). Read the rest of this entry »


Gillette Clear Gel provides odor and wetness protection for 48 hours, giving guys the needed confidence to tackle any challenge they may be presented with as their day wears on.  Our friends at Gillette sent us a couple of #NOSWEAT Challenge kits so myself and one lucky reader could put Gillette Clear Gel to the test.  To find out how enter to win your own Gillette Clear Gel #NOSWEAT Challenge kit, be sure to read to the end of this post. Read the rest of this entry »


Lisa Ann, noted as the most popular porn actress in the world by Fox News, has had a prolific career in the adult film industry. Perhaps best known for her legendary performance as Sarah Palin in the recent porn parody Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?, Lisa Ann has played various roles throughout the years, from political figures to MILFs and every fantasy in between.
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Iconic pose.

Iconic pose.


The Milwaukee Brewers announced that they will be adding something called the “Selig Experience” to Miller Park.  It will be a museum dedicated to recently retired baseball commissioner Bud Selig.  It sounds like the worst thing anyone could ever possibly imagine.  So before it opens and gets covered in eggs and graffiti lets take a virtual (Fake) look at what might be inside.

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More media controversy was sparked recently when Colombian singing sensation Shakira became the latest victim in the celebrity photo leak scandal.

The Hips Don’t Lie singer, wife to FC Barcelona centre-back Gerard Piqué, had personal photos of her in the nude leaked after her iCloud account was hacked. Read the rest of this entry »



This morning I dropped a review for Synergy Therapeutics Comfort Leg Support.  They’ve reached out to us and would like for one of our readers to try out one of their supports for FREE.  Check out their products here, and click “Read the rest of this entry” to find out how to enter to receive your free support from Synergy. Read the rest of this entry »


Synergy Therapeutics reached out to us and asked if we’d like to try out one of their supports.  As an avid runner/soccer player, I jumped at the chance to try out their comfort leg support.  Here are my thoughts on this product:


Quality: A+

Comfort: A

Value: B-

Overall: A-

The Synergy Comfort Leg Support is extremely comfortable.  Advertised as a multi-compression knit construction to improve circulation and help prevent injury, it is designed to help relieve symptoms related to shin splints and tendonitis.  I’ve dealt with shin splints on and off since I was a teenager, and have used everything from wraps, to tape, to ice and even heat treatments.  The Comfort Leg Support from Synergy definitely helped ease my pain.

This left support is made of extremely high quality materials.  The bamboo construction is comfortable, breathable, neoprene free and antimicrobial.  And to be quite honest, it just looks cool.  I was worried that it would fall down my leg during a 5 mile run, but it held up and didn’t slip.

At $44.95, the Synergy Comfort Leg Support is rather pricey.  I’ve come across other compression support leg sleeves at about half the cost, but the quality of the Synergy Comfort Leg Support puts it in a different league.  If you’re experiencing inflammation or chronic pains and you’re looking for a high quality compression sleeve or support, you can’t go wrong with their products.


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See that “snake proof suit”?  Yea, it’s bullshit, just like the 2 hour waste of time that the Discovery Channel just aired, Eaten Alive.  Paul Rosolie duped viewers into thinking that he was going to be eaten alive by an anaconda, but his arm hurt so he tapped out and didn’t get eaten alive.  Here’s the best of twitter mocking @PaulRosolie: Read the rest of this entry »



With Christmas around the corner, Total Sports Blog wants to help you stuff those stockings for the men in your life who could use some comfortable threads.  We’ve got 2 hoodies, a pack of t-shirts, and a box of boxer briefs to give away.  To get your hands on one of these items on us, be sure to read to the end of this post. Read the rest of this entry »

Anthony Pettis defeated Gilbert Melendez to defend his UFC Lightweight title at 1:53 of the second round at UFC 181 via guillotine choke. In the first minute of the second round, Pettis caught Melendez with a right hook, and then when Melendez came into him, Pettis slapped a guillotine choke on and the rest was history. This battle between The Ultimate Fighter season 20 coaches lived up to the billing. Check out the submission after the jump.
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