Kids, don't try this at home.

Kids, don’t try this at home.

Let me preface this by saying I am a big Sandy Alderson fan.  I bought this book around the start of the season and planned to give it a mostly sarcastic review, but then the Mets got off to an extremely hot start and I thought “Maybe they are revived?” so that kind of took the air out of my plan.  Now that we are at Memorial Day, the Mets season has taken a hilarious turn for the worse. So I thought; why not lighten the mood by finally doing this book review.

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Chris Weidman defended his Middleweight title tonight at UFC 187 via 1st Round TKO of Vitor Belfort.

Weidman was in trouble early in the first round when Belfort unleashed a fury of punches while keeping him inside the clench.  After Weidman was able to escape, Belfort was taken down and Weidman went to his bread and butter. Check out the TKO.
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The people at GoodSport reached out to me and asked me to try their manuka enhanced anti-chafing sports cream.  I run approximately 25 miles a week, and although I don’t experience chafing all the time, it does occasionally happen.  Here’s what I think about their product:


Quality: B

Comfort: B+

Value: B-

Overall: B

First and foremost, GoodSport manuka enhanced anti-chafing sports cream works.  After applying it, I didn’t experience any chafing, and it alleviated pain from previously chafed areas.  Yes, for the sake of this review, I purposely caused myself discomfort (I don’t want to get into how) to see if this product actually works, and it does.

With a price tag of $25.90 for a 100 gram tin, GoodSport Anti-Chafe is seems expensive, but when you take into account that it ships world-wide for free and comes from New Zealand, the price isn’t that bad.  If you’re interested, you can buy some directly through their site HERE.


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I’ve owned a GoPro for just about a year now and was excited to get my hands on the Steadicam Curve. It’s dubbed as an accessory that is best for creating smooth short clips, mainly outdoors and for use with action sports. While I didn’t dust off my skateboard or hit the slopes, I did use the Steadicam Curve a bunch of different times over the last few months. Read the rest of this entry »

This is only a third of the characters who appear in this film.

This is only a third of the characters who appear in this film.


I was doing comic book movie reviews on here for a while but started slacking off after seeing “X-Men: Days Of Future Past”.  I only recently caught up on the rest of 2014 by watching “Guardians Of The Galaxy” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″.  Quick review: One was awesome, one was an abomination.  Last night though, I got to see “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” at a sold out theater on Long Island.   Full disclosure, I saw the first Avengers movie at a midnight showing with a bunch of nerds (No offense) and kind of hated it.  I have since watched it again on TV and hated it less tough.   Read the rest of this entry »


After being selected first overall in the 2015 NFL Draft, former Florida State QB Jameis Winston posted a picture of himself celebrating on Instagram.  The new Tampa Bay Buccaneers signal caller was eating, you guessed it, crab legs.

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Hindsight is 20-20, but trading the most hyped player since LeBron and other pieces for Kevin Love shortly after the draft was always a gamble.  The extremely athletic Andrew Wiggins didn’t decimate the competition during his 1 year NCAA stint, but he showed flashes of brilliance at times and would go on to handily win the NBA Rookie of the Year award while dropping almost 17 points per game for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Kevin Love, on the other hand, had a down year (which was expected playing alongside studs LeBron James and Kyrie Irving) and is now out 4-6 months following shoulder surgery.  In the wake of Kelly Olynyk practically ripping Kevin Love’s arm off, I can’t help but ask myself if the Cavs would have been better off keeping Andrew Wiggins. Read the rest of this entry »

He's already got that Duke starting 5 haircut

He’s already got that Duke starting 5 haircut

The #3 ranked SF on the ESPN 100 recruiting database for the 2015-2016 season announced on Monday that he will be attending Duke University in the fall to play for Mike Krzyzewski and the Blue Devils.  After losing 4 starters (3 to the NBA draft, 1 to graduation) the Blue Devils desperately needed a strong recruiting class if they were going to have any chance at defending their National Title. With Ingram’s signing, Coach K’s incoming freshman class now ranks #1 overall in NCAA Basketball. Read the rest of this entry »



The Washington Wizards and their fans have gone into full troll-mode after completing their first round sweep of the Toronto Raptors.  Rapper Wale clowned on Raptors ambassador Drake on Instagram, the Wizards official Twitter account mocked the “experts” who predicted the Raptors would win the series, but Paul Pierce may have topped everyone with his latest post.  Check out how The Truth mocked the Raptors after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »


LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet.  While Steph Curry will likely win the MVP award this season, anyone with eyes knows LeBron James is a better basketball player, and is more important to his team.  I used to be a fan of LeBron.  Ever since I caught wind of his high school hoopsmixtape where he was dunking on little white kids and chasing down fast breaks for ridiculous blocks the likes of which I’d never seen before, I was a fan.   But I’m not anymore.  I don’t root against LeBron, but I no longer root for him to succeed.  Before I jump into why, check out that video I was talking about: Read the rest of this entry »