My haul on 2/12/16

My haul on 2/12/16

It’s NBA All-Star weekend in Toronto, and Nike is having a 4 day event from Thursday, 2/11/16 to Sunday, 2/14/16 in Toronto, LA, Chicago, and NYC.  The Nike SNKRS XPRESS is a reservation only event (reservations were gone in a matter of minutes) at the main Nike store in each of these cities.  I hear in Toronto they transformed a train car into a store, but living in Chicago I can only speculate from what I’ve seen/heard.  Info on this event has been hard to come by, as even Nike reps have been sworn to secrecy.  But I went to the event in Chicago yesterday.  And I’m going back today.  And Sunday.  This is what you can expect at the Nike SNKRS XPRESS if you were lucky enough to score a reservation: Read the rest of this entry »


The Carolina Panthers are a 5.5 point and -200 (bet $200 to win $100) favorite over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50, and rumors are the public thinks they’ll roll.  Anywhere from 70-80% of the money in Vegas is being bet on Cam Newton’s squad.  Maybe you don’t have a rooting interest in either team, though, and want a little more action on the game than your average box pool.  If that’s the case, some of these obscure prop bets are for you. Read the rest of this entry »


Looking for a Chisel Shave Club promo code? You get 10% off you first order with Coupon Code: HOOKTSB10 at


Utility: A-

Quality: A

Price/Value: B

Overall: A-

The nice people at Chisel Shave Club reached out to me and asked me if I had ever tried traditional wet shaving before.  I hadn’t.  It’s intimidating to go from modern 3-5 blade razor cartridges to traditional 1 blade razors.  I thought for sure I’d slice my finger trying to insert the razor into the handle, or cut my throat using the traditional razor.  Neither happened.  Crisis averted.

The first thing I noticed was how nice the presentation was, and how high-quality the contents of the box were.  You’re not getting cheap shit here.  You’re getting a box full of grooming products you can be proud to own and use.  From the handle to the blades to the aftershave, Chisel Shave Club provides only the finest products.

Their best deal is a 12 month subscription for $26.99/mo.  It seems expensive, but you’re getting a box full of stuff, not just a razor and some shaving cream.  If you’re serious about your grooming habits, it’s worth splurging on yourself a bit.  I searched on the internet to see how much it’d cost to piece this set together, and already hit the $27 mark with the face wash and aftershave alone- so you are definitely saving by going with Chisel.  Start your subscription here at and use promo code HookTSB10 for 10% off.

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The Denver Broncos come into the Super Bowl with a 12-4 regular season record, and a 2-0 postseason record, putting them at 14-4 on the year. That record is good for the best in the entire AFC, but sadly, in the NFC, their competitors beat them out with a 17-1 total record. The Broncos are a strange team to have in the Super Bowl because throughout the season they haven’t really looked “spectacular”. Their veteran leadership has won them games time and time again, and they’ve barely scathed by a few teams. This quality is what makes them a dark horse with the best Super Bowl odds.

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Last week I tested out the new Callaway XR 16 driver, and this week I got to hit the new XR OS irons.  The XR OS are now available just about anywhere for $799.  The XR OS iron is the new extension off the Callaway XR line.  The XR iron was the #1 iron sold on the market last year, and Callaway is all about trying to make clubs easier to hit and go farther.  Let’s see if they have done this.
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During the 4th quarter of the NFC Championship game, Carolina Panthers LB Luke Keuchley intercepted a Carson Palmer pass and took it to the house.  As Kuechly was celebrating with the fans, one of the fans flipped head over heels onto the field.

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Next week, Callaway Golf will be releasing its newest driver, the XR16 on 1/29.  This driver follows up on last year’s popular XR model.  I was able to get my hands on the XR16 today, and compared it to the XR.

Under the hood of the XR was the stock Blue Project X LZ shaft, with 9 degrees of loft.  I have hit this driver A LOT, and was easily my favorite driver of 2015.  After warming up, I took 5 swings and you can see the numbers I pumped out on the left.
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Worse heroes ever.  More like best movie ever.  Warner Bros released the official Suicide Squad trailer about an hour ago, and nerds everywhere collectively rejoiced.  The A-List star power in this movie is off the charts.  Suicide Squad has the potential to unseat The Dark Knight as the standard in “comic book movies”.  Check out the trailer after the jump:

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Artist rendition of the PS5

Aside from wearing out the L3 button on my PS4 controller, I feel like I just bought the current generation Sony PlayStation 4.  Even though its release date of November 15, 2013 is barely more than 2 years ago, the internet is already buzzing about the PS5.  I’ve come across a ton of rumors, concept art, and release date speculations for the next gen console. Read the rest of this entry »


Sometimes it feels like there are more new shoes out there for guys than anyone could know what to do with. While we definitely classify this as one of those “good problems,” it can be tough to figure out the right pair for you that will also be on trend while lasting you throughout the season. These are a few of the coolest kicks from 2015 that we think you should be rocking into the next year.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II

It’s hard to improve on a classic, but somehow Converse managed the impossible in 2015. The company redesigned its iconic Chuck Taylor All Stars and somehow managed to make the quintessential sneaker style even better. The shoe retains all of the old-school style that provided much of its popularity while adding a Lunarlon insole that is decidedly more comfortable than the older model. Somehow, these shoes not only look better but also feel better. Read the rest of this entry »