New England Patriots v New York Jets

While Patriots QB Tom Brady was able to avoid a suspension last season (making him a scoop in Fanstasy Football leagues in the process), New England wasn’t so lucky this year as “Deflategate” came back to haunt them.  Brady will miss the first four weeks of the 2016-2017 NFL season, but Vegas doesn’t seem to mind.  NFL odds makers still favor the New England Patriots over all other teams as they sit at a 15 to 2 favorite to win Super Bowl LI.  You’d think losing a franchise quarterback for 1/4 of the regular season would diminish a team’s odds of winning it all, but there are several reasons why the Patriots are still the team to beat. Read the rest of this entry »


Seamus Cahill trained Live Annie looks set to miss out on the upcoming Coral Sussex Stakes, despite being the fastest over the same distance this year. The greyhound who achieved victory with a time of 29.68 at Hove now looks set to miss the race, choosing instead to focus on the bitch’s event that concludes on the same evening. Cahill still faces a decision regarding Live Annie, along with other prized assets Banabane and Ballymac Lyster. Read the rest of this entry »

Can't even go to the bathroom with out a Pokemon popping up

Can’t even go to the bathroom with out a Pokemon popping up

Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm.  Nintendo’s stock (NTDOY) is up 60% year to date after skyrocketing 33% on Monday due to the mobile app’s recent release and growth in popularity.  As childish as running around trying to catch fictitious animated animals may be, grown men and women alike are wandering around their respective cities doing just that.  If you’re like me and never played anything Pokémon related before, but still want to see what all the buzz is about, you’re going to need some advice.

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The good people at Damage Control reached out to us and asked if we’d try out one of their mouthguards.  We did one better.  We had a local amateur boxer try it out.  While we love contact sports at TSB, we also love our grills, and Damage Control helps you keep all them pearly whites.


Quality: A+
Comfort: B+
Value: B
Overall: A-
Damage Control offers high impact, extreme impact, and custom mouthguards.  For this review, our boxer trialed the extreme impact watermelon mouth guard.  He chose this particular style because he thought using a mouthguard with “less than intimidating” graphics would be funny.  This particular mouthguard was thicker than ones he’s used in the past, but when you’re taking punches to the face it’s probably a good idea to have some added protection.
DC has a ton of different graphics and styles, many of which are very intimidating and badass.  If you’re serious about your contact and/or combat sports, you’ll definitely want to check out the wide array of styles they have on their website.  With prices ranging from $19.99 for high impact, $29.99 for extreme impact, all the way up to $199 for custom mouthguards.  DC’s products don’t run cheap, but their quality is second to none.

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Click to enlarge and read this ridiculous email from Ballhawker Zack Hample to Deadspin


Our most recent post highlighted ball-hawking gone wrong, as one “pro” took a ball off the dome and got bodied by another fan while trying to catch two 9th inning Yankees home-runs.  As the internet rained crying Jordan memes on @zack_hample’s face, and ESPN set the events to dramatic music, Hample reacted like a toddler with a skinned knee and waged an all-out internet campaign to “set the record straight”.  Just read the above email he sent to Deadspin writer Barry Petchesky explaining himself.  It’s longer than most term papers I wrote in college.  All because a ballhawker wasn’t happy with what was being said about him on the internet.  You know how he could have avoided dropping those two balls and all the negative attention that came with it?  By sitting in his seat and watching the game like a normal person.

This link used to lead to a video labeled “Fan drops a pair of home runs minutes apart”, featuring Hample’s failed escapades set to hilarious theme music.  It’s gone.  I wonder why?  Did someone complain and get it removed?  I wish it was permanently featured on the homepage of ESPN to point out how ridiculous ballhawking is, and how potentially dangerous it can be.  Ballhawking should be banned at all baseball stadiums, everywhere. Read the rest of this entry »

Zack Hample has become semi-internet famous for two things.  Catching a ton of foul/home run balls at baseball games, and crying about how someone impeded his quest to get one. Well, tonight was not Zack’s night.  Not only did he miss out on one home run ball…he missed out on two.  PAINFULLY.

The best one was the first one. New York Yankees catcher Brian McCann hits a homer to the right field bleachers, and Hample is right there in perfect position. Read the rest of this entry »


The good people at Dorco reached out to me and asked if I’d like to try their razor, the Pace 7, and their new Dorco Creme Shaving Cream.  They also hooked the TSB readers up with a 20% off coupon code (you’ll have to read this article to the end for the code).


Pace 7

Aesthetics: B+

Utility: B

Quality: B

Price/Value: A-

Overall: B+

Shave Creme

Utility: A

Quality: A

Price/Value: A

Overall: A

If you can get over the brand name (sounds like dork-o when you say it out loud), the Pace 7 is a decent razor.  One of my biggest pet-peeves with men’s grooming products is that the majority of them lack sophistication and look like toys rather than something an adult could proudly display on their bathroom sink.  The Pace 7 falls somewhere in-between, as I’m happy that it doesn’t have fluorescent colors (although Dorco does have some razors that do) but still reminds me of a razor you’d see hanging out of the shower caddy of a Sophomore in a college dorm.  It provides a decent shave, though, and if you’re looking to save some coin, Dorco’s products are significantly cheaper than most competitors.

The real star of this review was the Dorco Creme Shaving Cream.  That stuff is the bomb diggity (do people still say bomb diggity? off the chain? I’m losing touch man I don’t know how to describe cool shit anymore).  I made the mistake of shaving without it the first time, using some other shave gel, and my experience was rough.  The second and third time around using the Pace 7 with the Dorco Creme I was in heaven.  My skin felt great and the shave was excellent.  This magical serum is a bargain at $6 for 3.38oz (I’d easily pay $10 for it).  I just wish it was 3oz so I could bring it with me on flights when I go on short trips.  My only gripe with it is that they call it “D Creme” on their website.  C’mon, guys.  I don’t care how good the product is, no man wants to rub “D Creme” all over their face.  Call it Creme D.  There.  Problem solved.

Again, make sure you read the rest of this review for the 20% off promo code at the end.  Check out their products here at

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There are a lot of opinions on how you can gain profit in the casinos. Does it depend on the type of the game? We are here to answer your questions.

Gambling and profits. Can these two coexist?

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Even though the sale of alcohol at college football games sounds like a very bad idea, it is obvious that college students are already too intoxicated. Consuming too much alcohol can result in shootings, stabbings, fights, drunk driving, altercations, injuries, and arrests for public intoxication. Statistically,College Football Lines indicate that such instances rarely happen during game days because of the heavy presence of police officers who sometimes ignore minor infractions, for example, public intoxication. Read the rest of this entry »



The Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster Settlement yielded free general admission ticket vouchers, $2.25 Ticketmaster coupons (seriously, that’s the amount off with each redemption code), and $5 UPS vouchers to millions of Ticketmaster customers who were victims of Ticketmaster’s bullshit fees from 2009-2013.  The class action lawsuit was filed alleging that Ticketmaster failed to fully disclose to consumers all aspects of its UPS and Order Processing Fees.  The ticket vouchers can only be used for select concerts on the Live Nation website, and the list is one hot, steaming, stinky pile of bullshit. Read the rest of this entry »