Why my opinion not matter?

Why does my opinion not matter?

Remember when the New York Mets were a thing?  With the season over and the playoffs raging on, the Mets have become a distant memory.  But, their fanbase which is easily the most interconnected and destructive presence in the world of sports twitter, continues to make it’s presence known.  The mere fact that ex-met Carlos Beltran is once again in the postseason and putting together another solid showing has given fans a talking point.There are fans of the Mets that dismiss Beltran’s entire career because he looked at a called third strike once and ended a playoff run. Never mind the fact that he alone won game one of the NLCS in 2006.   But hat doesn’t count apparently.  Then there is the other side of the fanbase that believes Beltran should be brought back during the off season…once again that is stupid.  Beltran will be 37 years old next season and even though he is still competing at a high level, there is no way he should be given a multi-year deal at this stage.  If you’re the Mets, you are multiple players away from being a contender and should be looking to bring in players who will be part of the core for the next 4-5 years not a stopgap which is what Beltran will be.

No Beltran?

No Beltran?

Next we have the lunatic fringe of people who continuously clamor for Jose Reyes to come back.  SNY’s Facebook page even went as far as to ask people if the Mets should go after Reyes should the Blue Jays make him available. Is everyone brain dead? Reyes doesn’t give a shit about the Mets, their fans, or the organization. That guy could not have bolted from New York any faster and he did everything except urinate on CitiField before leaving.  Never mind the fact that he missed 2 months with a leg injury this season (Shocker) and he is also making an absurd amount of money for the next four years. If by some brain fart the Mets bring back Jose Reyes I will be done with this organization.  Time to stop living in the past people.  Reyes and Beltran were great at times but they both represent a failed era of Mets baseball, let it die.  And yes, David Wright represents that failed era too but his resigning was more of a PR move than anything else.  And hey while we’re at it let’s lure Carlos Delgado, Jose Valentin, and Paul LoDuca out of retirement.  That 2006 team deserves another shot!

Jose Reyes doesn't care about your hopes and dreams.

Jose Reyes doesn’t care about your hopes and dreams.

So what should the Mets do this offseason?  I would immediately call up the Marlins and Rockies and see if Mike Stanton or Troy Tulowitzki is available. Then I would ask what it would take to get either one.  Whoever wants the least amount in return is the team whose number I will keep in my cell phone.  I make that trade then a sign a free agent to fill either SS or OF depending on who I get in the trade.  Then I sign another mid level starting outfielder (Not Marlon Byrd unless there is no one left)  and a starting pitcher (Tim Lincecum please!?).  At first base I throw Lucas Duda into a trade or let him and Ike Davis battle to the death for the starting job.

What will happen though?  The Mets will make a big trade for either a SS or an outfielder and then will spend a modest amount of money on offense and a starting pitcher (Probably not Lincecum).  Mets fans will bitch, moan and complain and then forget what they were complaining about once the season starts and the team finally wins over 80 games.  Also if the Mets sign Shin-Soo Choo they are doing it wrong.  His OBP is lovely but his power will not translate to CitiField. He is also on the wrong side of 30 and not worth a multi year deal and really should only be brought in if he is the second or third piece of the puzzle.  Another guy the Mets should stay away from is Robinson Cano who will probably seek a 15 year $350 million deal.  The only reason I’d sign Cano is if I really wanted to troll the Yankees and I don’t think Sandy Alderson wants to do that just yet.

Welcome to Trolling 101.

Welcome to Trolling 101.


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