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The good people at Vevo Sports sent me a package of their Ballspike durable, flexible, bendable inflation needles to try out.  The days of bending and breaking your metal inflation needles are over.

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It’s a big week for music videos, apparently. Rihanna teased us with five thousand Instagrams from behind the scenes, my “favorite” above. I’m asking a favor of you guys. Watch the video in it’s entirety and tell me that what Miley Cyrus did at the VMAs and her video for Wrecking Ball is more disgusting than this. I defy someone to come at me with concrete evidence that the licking of a sledgehammer is nastier than pole dancing in a jort thong and fancy pasties. Please. I seriously need to go wash my hands and hug a baby after watching this because I feel violated. Check it out at the link after the jump and let me know your thoughts. (YouTube won’t upload the video for censorship issues, as far as I understand.)

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